people sitting at tables
Our annual fundraising auction showcases our community’s creativity and spirit

Quabbin Harvest is a mission-driven, very small-scale business in a highly competitive sector. At this point, selling food still covers only part of the cost of keeping the store running.

To close the financial gap—and especially to support our goal of making good food from close to home affordable for as many people in our community as possible—we’re committed to raising additional funds each year through partnerships, grants, and regular fundraisers.

Here are some ways you can support the co-op’s work:

  • Watch our newsletters and member emails for news about periodic fundraising campaigns
  • Join us for our annual fall fundraising auction
  • Make a donation of $100 (or multiples of $100) here
  • Donate any amount of your choosing here (or make a recurring donation of any amount if that fits your budget better)
  • Donate by check at the store or by mail, 12 North Main St, Orange MA 01364 (make sure to write "Donation" in the subject line)
  • Make a donation of $250 or more through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Quabbin Food Connector, and receive a receipt for tax purposes (email us for more details)
  • Contact the board of directors to find out about other ways to contribute financially or partner with us on a grant or fundraiser

And obviously the more people shop at the store, the closer we’ll come to the goal of covering our costs through sales alone!

Support our work by volunteering or making a donation.