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Our May 2019 newsletter

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From the co-op board of directors

Once again our supporters have come through for the co-op! Just after we sent out the April newsletter, we launched a lightning fundraising campaign to fill a gap in our cash flow, and 55 members and friends contributed over $6,500 in 10 days.
That money enabled us to bring some of our overdue accounts current so that we could keep ordering new items to put on the shelves. And our members and shoppers came through again in continuing to shop and keep our sales steady even though our stock on many items was low. We're thrilled to see more people finding good things to buy in the store.
And we're equally thrilled to share the news that our ongoing discussions about new working capital have begun to bear fruit. We'll be sending out more details in a future newsletter, but we can tell you that we've received some loan funding that will let us continue to bridge some of the gaps in our budget, as well as to start stocking some exciting new products and re-stock some old favorites more consistently.
Stay tuned for updates on that, and for more about our plans to keep moving the store toward the break-even point. In the meantime, thank you, as always, for supporting Quabbin Harvest!

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