Recipe: Rose Elliot’s Chunky Potato and Leek Soup

1 medium leek, sliced
1 large potato, peeled and diced
2 tablespons butter
2 cups vegetable stock
Squeeze of lemon juice
salt and ground black pepper (to taste)
Chopped chives and croutons to garnish.


  1. Melt the butter on a low heat
  2. Add the sliced leeks and diced potatoes, stir to coat them in butter. Fry, covered, on a low heat for 10 minutes. Stirring often. Do not brown
  3. Continue cooking, very gently, (heat on minimum) covered, for a further 10 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.
  4. Pour in the vegetable stock, stir and simmer for 10 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.
  5. Squeeze in approximately half a tablespoonful of lemon juice.
  6. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
  7. Garnish with chopped chives and croutons.
  8. Serve with fresh baked crusty bread.

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