Annual Meeting

April 18

Annual Meeting and "Re-Membering"

There are lots of reasons we hope our members will join us for the co-op's Annual Meeting, held at the Athol Public Library on April 8 (potluck to start at 6, business meeting at 7). Here are just a few of them:

  • When it comes to a potluck meal, more is merrier, right?
  • At this year's meeting we'll be kicking off our celebration of our 10th anniversary in our storefront at 12 North Main Street. We have stickers, we have photos, we have a timeline that we invite everyone to help us to build, whether you joined at the very beginning or just last week. This is the launch of the "Re-Membership" campaign that will run through the rest of the year and include a party in the parking lot on August 10.
  • If you're a member, you literally own a piece of this business. And the more members understand something about the nuts and bolts of keeping the store going, the healthier the co-op is. Attending the Annual Meeting is a quick way to get an inside look at how we're doing, where we're headed, and ways that you can get more involved if you feel inspired to do that.
  • And you can vote! This year we have three board candidates and a proposed addition to the Bylaws. Read more about them here. Voting is open in the store until 5 pm on April 18, or during the 6-7 pm hour if you're at the Annual Meeting. Just like the potluck, when it comes to voting, the more the merrier!

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