Fresh Fish Fridays

Coming soon!

We're excited that we'll soon be able to offer fresh fish delivered from the Boston Fish Pier the same day it was caught (whaaat??) through our partnership with Marty's Local and their partnership with Berkshore, now a division of Wulf's.
If that sounds like a lot of partnerships, it's because it takes a lot of coordinated pieces to create a steady supply chain connecting western Mass. to individual fishing boats at the pier.
Back in the day, there were lots of small local fishmongers, and more distributors bringing fresh seafood west. We're happy to be part of the ongoing effort to rebuild those more local and regional networks of supply. And we're soooo looking forward to fabulous fresh fish on Fridays!
Julie will be making a selection based on availability and price each week, and you'll be able to pre-order by Wednesday for a Friday pickup. Stay tuned for order forms and more details in the store very soon.

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