Time to Re-Member!

10th Anniversary Campaign

Time to Re-Member

iiiiit's flashback time!
This year we're celebrating the tenth anniversary of our move from the Orange Innovation Center to our current home at 12 North Main Street into what was then an unused bank building that needed a lot of work to turn it into a grocery store.
We'll probably always be a work in progress, but it also feels important to pause and take stock of just how far we've come in the past decade.
This month we're launching what we're calling the "Re-Membership" campaign to (re)connect with our current members, continue growing the membership, and remind ourselves of the vision that inspired the creation of the co-op: to be a vital local food and community hub for the North Quabbin region. Over the next 12 months, watch for:

  • special events and gatherings
  • more photos and stories from memory lane
  • the release of a new book about Quabbin Harvest
  • new ways to help sustain the store (building on our extremely successful fundraising campaign this fall - see the January newsletter for a quick update on that)
  • and more!

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