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Fruit and vegetable shares for SNAP/EBT members

How Does HIP Work at Quabbin Harvest?

The sign-up application is easy. Just ask for one in the store or click the link at the bottom of this page. (Please print the form, complete it, and return it to a staff member at Quabbin Harvest.)

To get reimbursed on your EBT/SNAP card, you must sign up for a produce CSA Share, and once you start receiving CSA Shares you will be reimbursed each month.

Note: You cannot get reimbursed when you just use your EBT/SNAP card. But you can use SNAP to purchase items in the store without reimbursement. A retail business does not operate the way that farmers’ markets operate regarding HIP.

HIP/CSA Membership agreements are available at the store (12 N. Main St. in Orange).

This is a year-round program. People are reimbursed on their EBT Card for the CSA Shares automatically. You will receive $1 for each dollar you spend for a share, up to a monthly limit depending on household size. HIP is administered by MA DTA.

You can sign up now to get shares starting in January 2022. To get CSA shares with HIP people must complete a membership application in order to start or continue getting shares in January 2022.

Quabbin Harvest Food Co-op/Community Market

12 North Main St., Orange, MA


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